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meet the team

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“Don’t take the piss”

Role - General (I’ll sort that later) Manager
Favourite Beer Style - Anything American. (Has Ben ever mentioned he’s been to America before..?)
Interesting fact - I once got seasick in Tenerife after eating pickled onion monster munch and threw up on the back of a dolphin
What’s your party trick? I can rap the entire soundtrack to Hamilton.



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“Are you not entertained!”

Role - Supervisor (the glue that holds us together)
Favourite Beer Style - IPA/Hazy Pale
Interesting fact - Travelled to New Zealand to join a heliski company for freeride skiing
Favourite film? Gladiator.



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Role - Bar Staff
Favourite Beer Style - It used to be sours but I think wheat beer’s taken the lead
Interesting fact - I’m learning German. Ich möchte eines Tages in Berlin wohnen.
Favourite book? Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

bar staff


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“How's tricks?”

Role - Bar staff
Favourite Beer Style - Pale Ale
Interesting fact - I'm pretty boring really
Favourite dinosaur? Barney.

bar staff


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“Do I have to have a quote?”

Role - Barman
Favourite Beer Style - IPA all the way mate
Interesting fact - I can peel a banana with my feet.
Oasis or Blur? Oasis all day.

bar staff

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“I am giving up drinking for a month. Sorry that came out wrong. I am giving up. Drinking for a month.”

Role - Heir to the Throne
Favourite Beer Style - Anything wet and moist
Interesting fact - Not about me but did you know a cow/bison hybrid is called a beefalo? That’s funny that
Favourite Batman Villain? The Condiment King. That’s a real thing. Google it.

deputy manager

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Role - Marketing & Events Person
Favourite Beer Style - DDH’s, NEIPA’s, Big dank hoppy bois.
Interesting fact - I live in constant fear of the ‘thumb-thumbs’ from spy kids
Favourite Arnie movie? Kindergarten Cop, obviously.

Marketing & Events


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“Do I like working here? It's a bloody treat”

Role - Bar gal
Favourite Beer Style - Sour/Gose
Interesting fact - Once created a fan frenzy after approaching Rupert Grint at Wimbledon to ask for a photo
Favourite beer name? Rhubarbra Streisand, of course!

bar staff

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“Easily distracted and distracts others”

Role - Bar Staff/Morale Booster
Favourite Beer Style - IPA
Interesting fact - I like to run up and down mountains in my free time
One thing I’ll never do again - apply for a job in a craft beer bar.

bar staff


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“can’t serve, only 17”

Role - Glass Wizard
Favourite Beer Style - I’m not allowed to drink beer
Interesting fact - I like to ride my bike in my free time
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 7.

Glass Wizard